Megart Systems Inc. designs and manufactures custom food production equipment


At Megart Systems Inc., we have a complete package of Services to offer our clients:

  • Typical Procedure:

    Typical process involves initial consultation with the customer where the parameters and requirements of the particular application are determined. A preliminary design and proposal are generated, and presented for further discussion. Upon approval, a final layout and design are completed for approval, after which engineered drawings are produced and fabrication begins.

  • After Fabrication:

    After completion in our facility, the equipment or system is tested with customers product and any necessary adjustments or modifications are completed, and the unit(s) are prepared for shipment. Upon arrival on site, our service staff install and commission the equipment, and train the operators and maintenance personnel on site.

  • Engineering:

    After consultation, where the scope of the project is discussed, and production parameters are determined, a design is created for discussion and final approval.

  • Computer Aided Design:

    Shop drawings, layouts, and schematics.

  • Systems Design:

    Megart Systems Inc. designs and builds our own control systems and panels for all of our equipment or for integration into existing lines.

  • Fabrication:

    Complete fabrication shop with shearing, bending, lathing, machining, welding, and final assembly.

  • Installation:

    On site, professionally installed for proper operation by factory technicians.

  • Commissioning:

    After installation, equipment is started up, and made fully operational. Products are tested, any necessary adjustments are performed, until the customer is satisfied, and grants final approval.

  • Training:

    The people that will operate the machines and systems are instructed in the safe and proper use of the equipment to ensure optimum performance and long life with minimal maintenance or service interruption. Maintenance personnel are also instructed in the proper cleaning of the equipment, and required preventative maintenance tasks are reviewed.

  • Service:

    Experienced technicians are on call for support after the equipment is operational.

Megart Systems Inc - custom equipment for wholesale baking and food production industries At Megart Systems Inc. we work closely with our clients to provide a complete package of services to overcome the challenges which occur in demanding production environments.
Megart Systems Inc - custom equipment for wholesale baking and food production industries

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