Megart Systems Inc. designs and manufactures custom food production equipment


We design and fabricate custom equipment for the wholesale baking and food production industries


Megart Systems Inc. specializes in depositing equipment for a wide variety of products, throughput capacity and standard or unique applications.

Choose from single or multi-piston depositors, lobe and diaphragm pump style depositors and rotary mandrel style depositors.

Robust, heavy duty, production depositors with precise, targeted depositing, with optional diving heads for depositing into cavities.

Throughput rates up to 90 cycles per minute, depending on deposit volumes and product viscosity.

Single Piston Depositors

For the busy retail baker or small wholesale application.

  • Cantilever design for use over a conveyor or worktable.
  • Standard foot pedal activation of deposit cycle.
  • Available with flex hoses, and hand nozzle with trigger switch for high speed, accurate depositing into multi- cavity muffin or cupcake pans.

Multi-Piston Depositors

For high production and high throughput applications. Available from 2 to 16 piston configurations. Standard single bank configuration, or double bank style for depositing different batters into the same pan.

Combo Transfer Pump and Single Piston Depositors

Eliminate the requirement for a bowl hoist or separate transfer pump with the Combo unit.

  • Transfer pump and single piston depositor on the same frame and chassis.
  • Pump directly out of the mixing bowl into the depositor hopper for fast, easy, guaranteed accurate depositing.
  • With a level sensor for automatic control of the transfer pump operation to maintain a consistent level in the hopper.
  • For mixing bowls up to 340 quart capacity.

Custom Depositors

Custom mandrels and dies, swirling, patterns, heated hoppers, spot depositors, diving heads, multiple deposits with different batters into the same pan – all these designs are available.

For unique and challenging applications, let Megart Systems work with you to custom design a depositor for your specific product and production requirements.

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Transfer Pumps

Megart Systems Inc. offers several different types of Transfer Pumps to move product from a mixing bowl or other container such as a trough, barrel, or tote into your depositor hopper to ensure efficient and continuous operation of your production lines. Fast, clean, safe, and easy to use. Eliminate the need for hand transfer by buckets or scoops. No slipping, no step stools or ladders, no mess!

Econo Model ETP-1

Fast, easy to use, and economical. The hinge in the middle allows the operator to swing the pump head up, roll the mixing bowl into position, and lower the pump head down into the bowl. The piston style pump will quickly move your flowable batters fillings, or toppings from the bowl into the depositor hopper. The oversize piston and customized valve system will handle inclusions such as nuts, flavour chips, fruit pieces, and is very gentle on soft inclusions such as berries. This system is designed for use with 60, 80, or 140 qt. mixing bowls, in retail or small wholesale bakeries.

Standard Model TP-1

The Standard Transfer pump uses a pneumatic lift to raise the suction tube of the pump up and out of the way to allow easiest positioning of the mixing bowl or container. The pump is then gently lowered into the batter, ready for pumping into a hopper or other elevated container. This piston style transfer pump can handle any flowable product at a rate of up to 60 liters per minute. The oversize piston and customized valve system will handle inclusions such as nuts, flavour chips, fruit pieces, and is very gentle on soft inclusions such as berries. Standard configuration includes a level sensor for automatic cycle activation and to maintain a consistent product level in the target hopper. This is a robust, durable machine, on casters for easy movement within the production facility, and suitable for 80, 140 or 340 quart mixing bowls, or barrels or totes.

Combo Model CTD-1 Transfer Pump and Single Piston Depositor

This piece of equipment combines a transfer pump, with a single piston depositor, allowing bakers to pump batter out of their mixing bowls into a depositor hopper, and then to accurately scale into a baking pan. Both components are on the same base and frame and the transfer pump has all the features as our standard model TP-1. The product is pumped into the hopper of a single piston depositor mounted on the same frame. This unit deposits quickly, easily, and accurately deposits into, or onto, baking trays, pans, or product. Each component can be used separately or in combination The Combo is on a mobile base and can be used over a work table, or existing conveyor belt, with manual activation, with an option for a sensor switch for automatic activation. This machine is also available with a flexible hose and hand nozzle attachment with a trigger switch built in to the nozzle.

This Combination Transfer Pump and Single Piston Depositor Model CTD-1, is an ideal machine to deposit any flowable product such as batters, sauces, fillings, toppings, (even whipped creams!) etc. directly into baking pans, or onto product on a make-up line. The pump will handle most inclusions such as nut pieces, berries, fruit chunks, chocolate chips, etc.

The deposit volume is easily changeable, and the depositor is capable of a wide range of weights from 2 – 3 grams per cycle to several hundred grams per cycle. The transfer pump can be configured to pump out of 60, 80, or 140 quart mixing bowls, or even large 340 quart bowls, or 45 gallon drums, or other bins or containers. Our equipment is heavy duty, and quite robust, designed and built for years of trouble free operation in busy and demanding bakery environments.

Custom Transfer Pumps

Megart Systems will custom design a transfer pump to any specific or unique application. Piston style transfer pumps with custom outlets, or nozzles, or with special hoppers to meet your production challenges. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Icing & Glazing

Megart Systems Inc. offers a variety of depositors for icing and/or glazing your bakery product. Waterfall coatings, string icing patterns and roller style depositors can provide a variety of finishes on your baked product. As well, piston style depositors can be configured for targeted deposit of icings or glazes onto baked product in the baking trays, or onto product in clamshells or foils immediately before closing and sealing. Icing and glazing equipment can be supplied for stand alone applications, or for integration into existing production lines.

Waterfall and String Icing

Waterfall and string icers are designed for your specific requirements, supplied with dedicated conveyors to the required width. Icing reservoirs can be water jacketed where precise temperature control of the icing or glaze is required. As well, agitators and scraper blades can be provided where necessary. String icing can be applied in straight lines, or with an oscillating head for a wavy pattern. Targeted deposits reduce waste and spillage.

Custom Roller Icing

For custom hand finished appearance, a roller style depositor paints the icing on top of the baked product as it passes along the integrated conveyor. Perfect for cinnamon or sticky buns for that unique and appealing finished appearance. Roller depositors can also be modified to supply a waterfall or string icing pattern as well. Jacketed heated reservoirs and pumps keep the icing at the proper temperature for optimum results.

Icing Pumps for Decorating

Decorate your special cakes with an icing pump configured with a flexible hose and hand nozzle with trigger switch. No more hand filling of piping bags, just fill up the easy access hopper, and squeeze the trigger. Add a motorized cake turntable for fast, easy and accurate depositing.

Piston style Icing Depositor

A piston style depositor can be configured for spot depositing on top of product in containers or cavity pans. For icings or glazes that have some flowability, target your spot deposits directly onto the baked product in or on the baking tray before packaging, or even directly onto the product after it has been placed into the clamshell of foil containers.


To handle the broad spectrum of icing types and consistencies, Megart icing hoppers are available with or without agitation, and bowl scrapers, and with water jacketed sides and variable temperature control.

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Custom Bakery Equipment

Let Megart Systems design that custom piece of equipment or unique component that will provide a solution to a challenging or frustrating production operation. We design and fabricate custom depositors, conveyors, components or parts to customer spec., or we will work with our clients to create a unique piece of equipment suited to a particular application.

Custom Projects

Megart Systems designs custom equipment for the baking, food service, candy & confectionary, and cosmetic industries, and wherever material handling benefits from semi or fully automated processes. We tackle challenging operations such as custom design of unique depositors for fillings, toppings, icings and glazes, as well as flavoured butter spreads and fillings, crepe batters, and more.

We supply custom strip and guillotine cutters and presses, vibratory depositors and candy tumblers, closing and sealing equipment, pan and board stacking and de-nesting.

We can retrofit bowl scrapers and agitators, air knives and dry topping depositors.

Contact us with your production challenge, and work with us to design the unique solution to improve your bottom line!

Custom Roller Style Depositor

One sample of a custom depositor was this roller style depositor with a jacketed top hopper over the conveyor belt, designed to roll a layer of product onto the finished baked product passing below the rollers on the conveyor belt. This depositor featured special textured rollers for optimal transfer of the product, and the conveyor was supplied with a flip up end to allow for easy cleaning below the belt.

Dough Chunker and Conveyor

This dough chunker and transfer conveyor were designed and built to specific requirements to meet demands of a dough make-up line. Featuring a pneumatic chunker, hopper level sensor and indexing conveyor.

Candy and Confectionary

Designed for a hard candy production facility, this all stainless steel tumbler can be easily adapted to a variety of applications. Likewise, the vibratory candy chute could be modified for any application where a vibratory feature is required to separate products and pieces by size. Watch the video below to see this machine in operation.

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Custom Systems

Megart Systems will work with your production team to create unique and specialized solutions for your production challenges, or for those bottlenecks on your production floor that require a new method or system to improve or optimize throughput and save time, and money.

Our custom and customized equipment, designed to your customer specification, or created from the description of a concept, crosses a wide spectrum of applications, including:
  • Pan and board handling and feeding equipment
  • Automatic panning of product
  • Washing lines for pans and other containers, including stacking and counting features
  • Product handling, cutting, and foring equipment (such as tart shells)
  • Pan and board de-nesting and stacking equipment
  • Custom filling equipment including piston style depositors, pumps, drum and roller style depositors
  • Bulk filling and weighing equipment
  • Finished product packing systems
  • Simple 2 or 3 axis mechanical systems
  • Automation systems with articulated robotics
  • Complete conveying systems with full integration with existing upstream and downstream equipment

Automatic Panning Line

This line was fully integrated with upstream dough production equipment to automatically place cut and stamped dough pieces onto baking trays advancing on the lower conveyor belt.

The spreader belt created the required separation between the ribbons of dough, downstream of the strip cutter.

The reciprocating conveyor changed the direction of travel by 90 degrees, and gently dropped the individual dough pieces onto the transfer conveyor below, in the proper pattern and orientation.

The pan conveyor carried baking pans from the pan de-nesting station, below the nose roller on the outfeed end of the transfer conveyor, where the dough pieces are gently rolled into position on the pan.

Cookie Panning

This system was designed to work with an existing cookie cutting machine to allow a single operator to keep the cookie cutter loaded with dough, with pans moving along the lower conveyor receiving the cookies from the top reciprocating conveyor. A PLC and touch screen control allowed the operator to choose one of 20 different patterns for placement of the cookies onto the pan.

Auto Pan Feeding System

This conveying system was designed for integration with upstream production equipment. Product transfers onto the infeeding end of the flat belt conveyor, which inclines up and over the right angle transfer point of the chain style pan conveyor, and descends to allow product to gently transfer off the flat belt conveyor and onto the baking trays travelling below. Synchronization by a small PLC with touchscreen interface. Conveyors all from stainless steel.

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Dough Production - Dough Chunker

Megart will custom design and build a variety of different components to handle your large batches of raw dough; hoists for mixing bowls, dough chunkers, and conveyors for scaled dough pieces or blocks, complete with sensors and systems to operate on an "as required" basis.

Dough Chunker - this dough chunker and transfer conveyor were designed and built to specific requirements to meet demands of a dough make-up line. Featuring a pneumatic guillotine style chunker, hopper level sensor and indexing conveyor, to feed dough into downstream sheeting or extruding equipment, at a rate compatible with that of the existing production equipment.

Flour Duster & Dry Topping

As well as fluid and flowable product depositors, Megart Systems offers a wide variety of depositors for dry ingredients and toppings, such as flour, cinnamon, seeds, nuts and nut pieces, fruit pieces and berries, chocolate and other flavour chips, coloured sprinkles and more. We can provide complete systems with dedicated conveyors and catch pans for recapture of excess product, or compact units to attach to or over existing conveyors. Rotary mandrel style, or with vibratory plates, waterfall or targeted pattern, with or without water spray for improved adhesion, let Megart design a seeder, duster, or depositor for your specific needs.

Packing & Packaging Equipment

The addition of automatic packing or packaging equipment or complete automated packing lines offers substantial labour savings and expansion of throughput capacity. Megart designs and fabricates individual components or complete systems that include:

  • de-nesters for clamshell containers, round cake bases or cookie containers, square tubs, corrugate or box-board bases
  • lidding systems to apply separate lids onto filled containers
  • closing and sealing stations for clamshell containers
  • carton packing systems
  • stackers for empty baking pans
  • complete conveying systems for handling product, containers, and baking trays
  • full integration of complete systems with existing upstream or downstream production equipment

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Oil-Glaze-Butter Spraying Systems

Megart Systems offers a variety of different oil/glaze/butter spray systems for a wide range of applications found in many wholesale bakeries. Spray directly onto product, or into/onto baking pans or trays, minimizing overspray, with or without atomizing nozzles for optimal control of airborne mist. We offer inline systems to work with existing conveyors, dedicated systems including conveyors with catch-pans for recapture of excess product, and mobile systems for portability within your production area.

Water spray systems are available for seeding and dry topping lines for dough production lines, and glaze toppings are also offered in a waterfall style application for complete top and bottom coating.

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Megart Systems can provide any style of pump and hopper configuration to handle almost any product and application. Pumps for filling containers, pumps for emptying containers, and pumps for moving product from one container to another. Diaphragm pumps, lobe pumps, piston pumps, electric and pneumatic operation, are all available depending on your requirement. Pumps can be controlled manually or automatically, with level sensors, or timers, and can be fully integrated with conveyors for handling of target containers.

Custom Conveyors

Megart Systems supplies the highest quality conveyors and conveying systems for use in food production facilities as well as where any material handling is required. Available as stand alone systems, or for full integration with existing upstream or downstream equipment. Previous designs and installations include:

  • spiral cooling conveyors
  • suspended racetrack conveyors
  • incline and decline conveyors, with or without flights
  • transfer conveyors from vibratory discharge hoppers
  • Reciprocating conveyors, for 90° transfer of product or pans, and for precise placement of product in predetermined patterns
  • Custom 90° flat belt corner conveyors
  • Table top style belt bottle conveyors
  • Straight and radius roller conveyors, powered ad gravity
  • Belt conveyors for strip cutting, cross cutting, and guillotine applications
  • Merging and diverging conveyors
  • Stainless steel open wire mesh belt conveyors for maximum air flow
  • Modular belt conveyors, straight running or with radius and “S” curves
  • Bridge conveyors providing clearance above other equipment
  • Multi-tiered packing conveyors
  • Low temp conveyors for freezer use
  • O-ring style conveyors
  • Submerger conveyors
  • Check weighing conveyors with integrated load cell
  • Metal detection conveyors with or without rejection devices
  • Auger conveyors
  • Accumulating turntables
  • Conveyor features including scraper blades, and flip up ends to allow easy access for sanitation
  • Custom conveyor beds with integrated side work stations or tables
  • Conveyor bridges
  • Conveyor attachments such as roller-dockers, cutters, etc.

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Racks, Bins, Dollies, & Hoppers

Racks, tables, and dollies are found in almost every corner of every bakery, in every size and shape and intended for a wide variety of uses. From stainless steel, or aluminium, Megart will fabricate to customer spec., utility racks, freezer racks, oven racks, etc. and heavy duty all welded tables for production use. As well, we offer stainless steel hoppers, bins, totes, etc. jacketed if required, and with agitator assemblies if needed. Some of the custom designs we provide include:

  • Oven racks, for turntable or lift up systems, standard or side x side configuration
  • Cooling and utility racks
  • Freezer racks
  • Proofing racks
  • Nesting racks
  • Work tables, with and without undershelves
  • Dump tables
  • De-panning tables
  • Stainless steel ingredient bins and totes, with or without hinged lids
  • Stainless steel dumping bins
  • Stainless steel troughs and bins, custom sizes
  • Custom hoppers, for dough chunkers, depositors, or other applications, with or without dividers
  • Tote stands, on feet or casters
  • Dollies for bun and baking pans

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Custom projects and installations occasionally need structural components and add-ons, which Megart Systems will supply, based on customer specification, or we can provide designs, plans and engineered drawings.

  • Stainless steel mezzanines
  • Conveyor bridges from stainless steel or aluminium
  • Equipment guards, with or without interlocks
  • Scissor lifts and positioning equipment from stainless steel, or painted

Bowl Hoists

Bowl hoists are provided in many different sizes, shapes, heights, and capacities for a wide variety of bowls, bins, buckets, totes and troughs. Single column, double column, even on a mobile base. Please contact us with details of your application.

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